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Take a gander…

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Here are some of the things I dropped off at Monogram Madness last week.

Ruffle Wristlet…

Ladies’ Skirt…

Grey Velour Ruffle Pants

Livi Leggies…

If you’re local, you can stop into Monogram Madness to check out these items and more — 190 E 5th Ave, Naperville, IL. Otherwise, check out all our goodies at


Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I know…you’re all doing your back to school shopping and wondering when the heck the new HB stuff will be online. Soon, I swear! I’ll have things in the store (monogram madness) by Friday and will be adding things online this weekend. OR maybe you’re a procrastinator like I am (I have 7 days left to find Nikolas a school bag and lunch sack and I’m sure everything is already picked over so I’m praying my poor guy won’t be stuck taking a My Little Pony school bag on his first day!!)…so maybe you haven’t noticed that the site has been lacking in the Fall department. Either way, new stuff coming soon…VERY SOON!!

I’ve already got lots booked for this Fall. Some private trunk shows and a Ladies’ Night out event in September, more trunk shows in October and two craft fairs in November.

You can book your own private trunk show by sending an email to

Anyway, part of the reason I’ve been holding out is that I’m working with Puddle Jumpers Photography for the fall line. I’m soooo excited! Her work is FABULOUS! You should check out her work. But we’ll be shooting next week and I wanted to get stuff online a bit earlier so you’ll have to deal with my amateur shots for a short while ; )

I’ve also got some women items ready to unleash…I really wish I had some pics to go with this post…you’ll love them…partly because you’ve been asking for them, and also because I know how cute they are!!

Okay then…off to take some pics!