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Hello, I’m Hazel and I’m addicted to Pinterest. As you can see from my previous post, I found some DIY projects and worked on them over break. I also find home remodeling/decorating ideas that I can never follow through with either because A) we don’t have the money to do what I REALLY want to do and B) if I think of one project, it always leads to another, bigger, more expensive project…(see A.)

Well, with the encouragement of my home decorating/design girlfriend…her house looks like Pottery Barn all the time. We once went to look at model homes and there was a cutting board with cheese, some vegetables, etc….and I said, “who’s kitchen looks like this?” and then looked at her and said, “oh yea, yours”. Another more recent example of how perfect her house looks and her decorating drive…she came over and I wanted to decorate my mantle. She asked, “where’s your greenery, your garland?” and I said, “Um, I don’t have any. You need to tell me what to buy.” She asked, “Do you have any trees?” and proceeded to go out back and trim up some greenery from a pine tree in our backyard. She picked up the twigs that I asked the kids to throw over the fence and brought them in and did up my mantle. Fabulous.

So, enough rambling, I was pumped to get this house looking cozy and finally feeling like home…I know, I know, what do you want…I was busy having 5 kids. Now I’m ready to give time to our home.

I’ll just post some before and after pics. I really love it. The pictures don’t do it justice. But I love it….I actually love my home. And for once, I’m not staring at walls and wanting to take a sledge hammer to them…I’m content. Happy.

Project #1: The Mantle

Before: Boring, blah, …

After: A little detail goes a long way…we trimmed out above the mantle to add height and character…I’m gonna shop for more decor for the mantle but it’s gonna be fabulous. I can’t just buy nonsense knick knacks so I’m anxiously waiting for the Kane County Flea Market to open the first weekend of March. I’ll keep you posted…

Project #2: The dreaded L-shaped island/breakfast counter/ugh….

Before: again, just drab…no fun, hate it, wanted to bust it out and get new counter tops and paint the cabinets…(so sad, this is a pic that I took when we bought the house…apparently, I hated it so much I never photographed the kitchen).

this pic is an “Oh wait! I forgot to take a “before” pic”…so one side of the wainscoting is already up…I wish I had a shot of the ugly corbels (learned that word from decorating friend Jen)…they were metal, just ugly…

After: brighter, cleaner, more character…makes me want to actually USE the breakfast counter…

Oh, and BTW…we had mismatched appliances and getting a new fridge and stove to match and make it all stainless made a HUGE difference. I no longer feel the need to paint our cabinets and for the first time can say I actually like our kitchen.

Project #3: bare windows

Before: we have a sliding doors and a wall of floor to ceiling windows that were trimmed in white. I love trim. I love woodwork. I feel like it adds character. I thought it was fine on it’s own. (sorry for the dark pictures).

After: Made drapes for both the sliding door and the wall of windows and it feels much more finished, cozy and homey. I love it! (The laundry has always been there and has no affect on the design what-so-ever…except, that maybe, I should put it away…)

I still have some bare walls but these 3 little projects really changed the feel of the home and I’m happy with the hard work the hubby and I put in this long weekend.

You can follow me on Pinterest and also follow my friend, Jen’s design blog…

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