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hazel brown...

is a craft junkie...I've knitted, crochted, painted, scrapbooked, made stationery, and sewn plenty of things.

is a mom, mommy, momma...to five of the funniest, sweetest, most amazing kiddos on the planet.

is a designer... I just make what strikes me at the moment. My littles have an uninhibited sense of fashion. They donít care if anything matches…a little funky, really sweet, and totally spontaneous. I create things for them and for anybody else who possesses that same free-spirited style. As their styles change, you may see some things added to the collection. THEY are who inspire me.

is determined to make a difference...I have always believed in giving back. There are so many causes and foundations that have touched my heart but it's always come back to the kids. While there are large foundations doing their best at raising money for research and cures, as a small company, I can try to make a difference on a smaller, local scale. A portion of all sales will go to help some fabulous kids, who happen to be up against the biggest, ugliest fights against cancer. Their lives have been turned upside down and I want to do what I can. (Click here) to meet these little heroes.

Hazel Brown designs happy, fresh and unique clothing and other goodies. I might stumble upon something while taking my kids to school, see a fabric, be listening to music, or hanging with friends...and that's when I imagine something extraordinary, neat...okay, maybe a little crazy. But fun, nonetheless, and something your own little one may adore.

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